SteamKing Pro Plus+ Steam Cleaning System

$2,750.00 HST

Professional Steam Cleaning and Disinfection System featuring Plus+ Disinfection Module, Accessory Cart and Complete Accessory Package.

The SteamKing Pro Plus+ is the newest model of the trusted and proven SteamKing line of systems.  The Pro Plus+ features 80 PSI Performance, 320 deg F temperature which is shown on the Digital Display.  The Utility Trolley keeps all of the innovative accessories at hand.  The Plus+ Water Treatment and Disinfection Module treats tap water to aid in the most efficient steam cleaning and disinfection process, and it is installed standard on this system.  This awesome system is ideal for all steam cleaning applications – tile and grout on walls and floors, degreasing kitchen and cooking equipment, cleaning and disinfecting washrooms (toilets, taps, urinals, partitions, mirrors, change tables, floors and walls), disinfecting wheelchairs and other mobility equipment, automotive cleaning – the list is almost endless!  The complete accessory package offered includes a floor and sink drain disinfection tool, a floor mopping system with pads and aromatherapy diffuser and all of the standard nozzles, brushes and accessories needed to start cleaning right away.  The portability and performance of this machine will make your cleaning and disinfection jobs go faster and easier with better results.

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