SteamKing Digital Steam Cleaning System – Includes Complete Accessory Package and Choice of Utility Cart

$3,050.00$3,650.00 HST

Our best selling system for 2 decades, this complete package gives you the reliable, versatile, dependable and powerful performance you need for deep and routine cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. The SteamKing is supplied with all of the accessories you need for every cleaning job you can imagine. Your choice of cart is included to ensure that everything you need is always right at hand.


You can plug this machine into any 110-120V electrical outlet which will supply you with an unending supply of dry steam vapour, ideal for cleaning almost any surface in a wide range of industries. You can steam soil, grease and oil as well as bacteria and germs. By removing the deep rooted dirt on surfaces you can reduce overall cleaning times. There are no safety or regulatory concerns associated with tap water – reduce administrative costs associated with training and the costs associated with lost work time due to chemical exposures. Ideal cleaning applications on hard surfaces include tile and grout, kitchen equipment (counters, ovens, fryers, hoods, grills, walk-in coolers and serving stations) and washrooms (toilets, sinks, partitions, urinals, walls, mirrors and floors). Other common uses are: Healthcare facilities for wheelchair and mobility aid cleaning, seating areas, tub and shower rooms and mattresses, Pest Control for cleaning upholstered chairs, mattresses and carpets to kill bed bugs and their eggs, Restaurants for cleaning kitchen equipment and Front Of House areas like bars, tables, chairs and entrance ways, Automotive facilities for detail and complete cleaning of vehicle interior and exterior surfaces, Institutional facilities for cleaning cell and common areas, Educational facilities for cleaning desks, washrooms, cafeterias and common areas, Recreational facilities for cleaning pool decks, showers, change rooms, fitness equipment, hockey boards and glass, benches and concessions, And any other uses you can think of! Each complete system is supplied with a 3M steam hose, 2 extension tubes, large rectangle brush with towel clips, triangle brush with towel clips, squeegee tool with 2 blades, steam lance nozzle, standard nozzle, turbo steam nozzle, colour-coded grey nozzle, 6 nozzle brushes (nylon brass and steel available in small, medium and large sizes), drain wrench, funnel and complete set of orientation guides, manuals and DVD. Your choice of White Utility Cart with cord storage, extension tube holding rings, accessory basket and locking front caster or Gray Janitorial Cart with Extension Cord, Laundry Bag and Cloths is included with each SteamKing Steam Cleaning System.

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