The Steamer (Demo Unit)

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The Steamer Batch Steam Cleaning System.

Has been used as a demo unit

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Powerful steam output and unique accessories make this powder coated metal construction steam cleaner the best batch system available on the market.  Featuring adjustable pressure control, detachable hose, unique three jet nozzle and a complete set of accessories are included with with model.  It is ideal for light duty applications – where you will use your steamer sometimes, but not enough to purchase a large, commercial system.  You can use this machine for pest control, auto detailing, contract cleaning and more.  Also available is a carrying bag with accessory storage.  The Steamer comes with a water fill bottle to make sure you get the right batch of steam every use.  Fully certified for use in Canada, with repair service available on this system make it the perfect steamer for you!


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