Blue Evolution Steam Cleaning and Vacuum System with UV-C Filter

$6,299.00 HST

Steam Cleaning with Vacuum and UV-C Sanitation – it is 2016 and this new system will bringing your cleaning processes up to the possibilities of today!

For the first time in North America, the problem of a powerful 110/120V Steam and Vacuum System has been solved!

From German Engineering, we can offer the unique Blue Evolution System – designed to perform consistently on the standard North American electrical supply.

This system offers the amazing capability to do the deep cleaning you expect from an Intersteam Steam System, with the added boost of vacuum extraction to provide a complete clean in one simple and fast step.  The tools supplied with the system allow you to do all of your cleaning tasks with one piece of equipment, including floors, walls, windows, upholstered surfaces and more.  The innovating vacuum design allows you to collect dry and wet dirt, while the UV-C lamp located in the vacuum collection reservoir will kill all bacteria collected, reducing odour and the risk of transferring or being exposed to the bacteria when emptying the tank.

There is no other system like this available – down to the finest details the Blue Evolution System has you covered.  Swivel lock and position lock casters are wide and make for a very portable and easy to use machine.  Brass fittings in all accessories are designed for heavy-duty use, while the wide assortment of accessories supplied make the cleaning possibilities of this machine endless!

Where the heaviest dirt is present, the Blue Evolution will impress the most – when removing heavy dirt, grease and grime you will find time saving in collecting the loosened dirt with the vacuum.  Ideal uses include transportation applications (buses, trains and airplanes), foodservice kitchens, high traffic entrance ways in all facilities, recreational facilities with difficult to clean glass and tile surfaces, healthcare facilities for deep cleaning applications and industrial applications like manufacturing and processing facilities.

We are excited to provide you with the newest innovation in Steam Cleaning Systems in a decade – available across Canada to everyone who wants to improve their cleaning practices!

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