Mondo Vap - Fully Loaded With TANCS

Mondo Vap - Fully Loaded With TANCS

Price: $3,890.00

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The Mondo Vap Steam Vapour Cleaning System with TANCS® allows you to clean Deeper, Faster, Easier and Better.  Reduce labour time and costs, Eliminate Chemicals and Kill Germs and Bacteria. Extract dirt and grease from grout, corners, cracks and crevices, dissolve burnt-on grease and oils, remove gum and stains from concrete, reduce cleaning time by over 70%. Continuous steam, 6 — 8% moisture. Most effective 100% environmentally safe method of cleaning available. Kills MRSA, VRE, C. diff,  Listeria, e-coli, salmonella, and more.  This Technology is lab tested and clinically proven.

*Full range of accessories available. Accessory kits can be customized to fit your requirements.

The FULLY LOADED Accessories package has the following:

White Utility Cart
Steam Hose
3 Extension Tubes
2 Wire Baskets for accessories
1 Window Cleaner with 2 blades
2 Short Hooked Nozzles
12 Spiral Scourers
1 Boiler Drain Wrench
1 Funnel
1 Crevice/Scraper Tool
1 Long Lance Nozzle
1 Turbo Nozzle

15 Small Nozzle Brushes (asst. of nylon, brass and steel)
5 Medium Nozzle Brushes (asst. of nylon, brass and steel)
2 Large Round Nylon Nozzle Brushes
1 Triangle Brush
1 Rectangle Brush
Cleaning Guide, Operating Manual and Instruction CD with Video

(italics indicate difference from SteamKing 1500 standard package)

The Mondo Vap is available with TANCS® - disinfect without chemicals!  TANCS® allows you to disinfect with your Mondo Vap and it DOUBLES your warranty!  Click here for more info on TANCS®. 


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